Psychological Counsel and Care


Our psychological counselling and care focuses on confidential talk aiming to arrive at solutions to problems which direct or indirect concern school.
Psychological counselling and care is carried out by single or group work.

We offer help and support in any of these circumstances:

Learning receptivity and commitment

  • helping students to find suitable methods for studying and reading
  • motivating students to study and achieve
  • working out suitable methods to study and memorize
  • training for dyslexia
  • counselling for dyscalculia
  • concentration training
  • self-management training
  • support of special skills and ability (intellectual giftedness)

Behavioral disorders

  • help for attention-deficit disorder
  • helping social fears, school and exam phobia
  • building up child-oriented self-confidence
  • helping to prevent self-harm ( cutting ), depressions, eating disorders

Social competences

  • self-competence training
  • conflict management
  • intervening in case of bullying
  • Helping problems with classmates and classroom disturbances
  • life competences and skills
  • prevention of addiction

Procuring extracurricular contacts

  • panels to give advice on addiction or parental issues
  • therapists and pediatric therapists
  • youth welfare services
  • special needs education services

Help in pressingly critical situations

Advice on school education


Counselling is always free and remains in the strictest confidence.

We are looking forward to a pleasant and confident co-operation.

Our Team

Our team is available every day.



Ulrike Prenninger-Graf

M.A. Soziale Verhaltenswissenschaften

Dipl. Legasthenietrainerin and Lerncoach

consultation: by appointment or by e-mail

tel.: +49 89 891244-14


Part of the team:

Fritz Albrecht

Diplom-Psychologe und Psychologischer Psychotherapeut in freier Praxis

Zertifizierter Lerntherapeut für Legasthenie, Dyskalkulie und AD(H)S

consultation: by appointment or by e-mail

tel.: +49 89 891244-14

mobil: 0171 8031459


Andrea Kretzschmar

Zertifizierte Lerntherapeutin


Systemische Beraterin

Studienberaterin (study counsellor)

consultation: by appointment or by e-mail

tel.: +49 89 891244-32


Advanced team:


Christian Sommer



Hannelore Rümmer

Ernährungs- und Gesundheitsberatung


Johanna Hillmann
Systemischer NLP-Coach