Student company: Custom license plates for cars


As a typical start-up company, our student company produces license plate holders that can be customized according to consumer requirements.

We are a group of 11 students from Obermenzinger Gymnasium’s Q11 class, and we are eager to drive this enterprise forward. Mrs Gebhardt has guided us with expert advice in our activities.

The company has started extremely successfully - we have already gotten our first customers who have purchased a significant amount of customized license plate holders. In addition, on the basis of this success, we have already succeeded in gaining important anchor shareholders for our company. Our group of shareholders is made up of people who are, without exception, parents of students at our school, but who are also successful business people.

After the first phase of development of our company, we would now like to give as many people close to our school as possible the opportunity to contribute to our company.

Please consult our website:

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Ben Schwirz