First aid

The Obermenzinger Gymnasium offers its own first-aid training course. In weekly lessons pupils learn a range of first-aid measures for medical emergencies such as respiratory difficulties, heart attack or stroke. What type of bandaging techniques do I use for different wounds, burns or broken bones? How does the "chain of survival" work, and how should I behave when there's been a traffic accident? The Obermenzinger Gymnasium's first-aid courses are conducted following the guidelines of the Red Cross.

A course-completion certificate, available for 2 euros, serves as proof of participation in a first-aid course of instruction, which is a prerequisite for acquiring a driving license.

Instructor for first-aid training: Stefan Mula.


Emergency medical team

The Obermenzinger Gymnasium's emergency medical team is made up of pupils of all ages who have completed a first-aid training course.

The members of this team are all young people with a high degree of social engagement. During the normal school day and at special school events, these dedicated individuals are always ready to come to the aid of their fellow pupils.

Pupils who join our emergency medical team are often those who already feel a calling to go into careers in the medical or nursing professions.

The team meets regularly to continue their first-aid training and to discuss the steps that would need to be taken in various emergency situations.

We maintain a first-aid station in the school office where, in addition to normal first-aid supplies, we have breathing aids, eyewash and an oxygen bottle that can be used in case of asthma, other respiratory problems or unconsciousness.

Head of the emergency medical team: Stefan Mula.


Technology club

Pupils of all ages can take part in our new technology club. Our techies take care of setting up stages, lights and sound equipment for all of our special events.

Head of the technology club: Dr. Bernhard Bayerl.

Vernissage unseres Schülerprojekts

am 26. Oktober 2017 im Rahmen der Feiern zu "1200 Jahre Menzing" am Obermenzinger Gymnasium


20 ausgewählte Schüler/innen aller Jahrgangsstufen werden ihre Arbeit präsentieren und hierbei den Bezug zum Stadtteil Menzing deutlich machen – EINEN BLICK auf eine fiktive Stadtteilentwicklung gewähren. Anschließend feiern wir gemeinsam das „Festjahr 2017: 1200 Jahre Menzing“.

Ein Kaffee- und Kuchenbuffet ist von der Q12 vorbereitet. Das Jazzensemble wird für gute Stimmung sorgen und auch die Presse hat sich angekündigt, um die Künstler zu interviewen.

14:50 – 15:30 Präsentation der Kunstwerke „Ein.Blick“ in der Mehrzweckhalle

15:30 – 15:50 Come together vor dem Original bei Sekt, Kaffee und Kuchen

Wir hoffen auf zahlreiches Erscheinen und auf Sonne!